Early English Church Music

Early English Church Music 

EECM was founded in 1961, since when the series has published 61 volumes of English music, monophonic and polyphonic, dating from the eleventh to the seventeenth centuries.  The primary focus has been on editions of polyphonic music for voices, organs and viols; the series also includes facsimile volumes and editions of chant.  Since its inception EECM has enjoyed the support of The British Academy and its publishers, Stainer & Bell.  

The current General Editor is Dr David Skinner (director.music@sid.cam.ac.uk).

EECM's primary function is to publish collected scholarly editions in hard copy. These are printed in bound volumes which are distributed to our subscribers and are on general sale.  Individual items can also be bought from the publishers as PDFs via www.eecm.net.

This site serves different purposes, and is operated under the supervision of EECM's editorial committee. You will find here useful materials that might not be included in the printed volumes:

  • Published volumes - materials relating to EECM volumes, including addenda and corrigenda;
  • Subsidia - editions and other scores additional to the main series, including hypothetical reconstructions of fragmentary pieces, and other miscellaneous transcriptions;
  • Sources from the fifteenth to the late seventeenth century - databases and digital images;
  • Information for editors - style guide and British Academy proposal form;
  • Committee - information on the editorial committee and its members;
  • Links to some of our key partners;
  • as well as a periodically updated news feed.