Sources & Databases

In order to inform its future publishing plans, EECM commissioned three handlists of musical sources. The first two of these, published as supplements to the EECM series, have recently been amalgamated into a single dataset:

  • The Sources of English Church Music, 1549-1660, ed. Ralph T. Daniel & Peter le Huray, EECM Supplementary Volume 1 (two parts; London: British Academy/Stainer & Bell, 1972)
  • Latin Music in British Sources, c.1480-c.1610, ed. May Hofman & John Morehen, EECM Supplementary Volume 2 (London: British Academy/Stainer & Bell, 1987)

Another handlist, published in the RMA's Research Chronicle, is devoted to fifteenth-century music:

  • Gareth Curtis & Andrew Wathey, 'Fifteenth-Century English Liturgical Music: A List of the Surviving Repertory'Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle, 27 (1994), 1-69. Revised version by James Cook and Peter Wright (2017).